Something To Share

               I just wanted to share a heavenly experience that Women United encountered during our weekly meeting on Thursday, March 31st at 4 p.m.

               I had planned a lesson for the women’s group that included a chapter from Joyce Meyer’s ‘The Confident Woman. On Tuesday, March, 29th, I kept getting images in my head from the DVD ‘The Finger of GOD’. I had it in my bag that I carry to meeting, but had forgotten it was there. So, at home, I had been trying to think of where it was and hadn’t gotten very far.

              As I pulled items out of my bag to teach–the DVD was there, Praise GOD!!   I remembered all of the visual impressions from the last few days, and I have learned to listen to GOD’s Spirit and to change the format as The Holy Spirit urges me.

              Donna Lind usually begins our meeting by engaging us in prayer for those on our prayer list, but GOD’s Spirit was urging us to do something different. He inspired us to place the list of prayer needs on each of our hearts, and to watch the “Finger of GOD’ as we prayed. It was an amazing, heavenly experience. GOD’s Spirit  came in like a flood, and as we witnessed the miraculous signs and wonders that are happening all over the world, we prayered fervently for everyone on the list and beyond.

              After the DVD was over we continued to pray, and the smoke seemed to fill the temple. The LORD had us place the lists that we each had prayed over onto a table–and we placed our hands on top of each other’s hands and continued to pray. So many hearts were touched, and so many spirits delivered.

              Our meeting started at 4 p.m. At 8 o’clock we exited the building after continuing to pray in The Spirit.  We had prayed for protection and deliverance–for healing and gifts. I pray that we may again experience this closeness in Christ, and have the privilege of ministering to GOD’s saints.