Prayer Requests: Local and Worldwide

Please take a moment to pray with Women Under His Wings.  THANK YOU ALL

Local Prayer Requests



Prayers for The Local Community:

Brandon needs prayer for a pulled Achilles tendon. Also for God’s grace for inspections at his store.

Tom needs prayer for deliverance from skin cancer. Rich also needs prayer for his prostate.

Please pray for Barrie for her new residence at the nursing home, especially that it would be an avenue of healing for her. Also please pray for Bill for strength as he deals with responsibilities @ home.

Continued prayer for inspections @Liz’s job.  We will continue to pray for the next, and the next….

We ask GOD’s Blessings upon Liz’s workplace for understanding and cooperation while pleading the Blood of Christ over the doorpost and entrance. Prayer for management and employees.

I ask GOD’s Blessings on all of his saints physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Please keep Tom, Julie, Mary, John, Rich and their families in your prayers.

We ask a blessing on Shirley and blessing for her children and grandchildren.

Please keep all those in Liz’s and Christina’s workplace under the shadow of your wings. Many are young and faced with great responsibilities beyond their years. Help my young ladies to be a friend, counselor, and mentor to the young and old.

Please pray for John and his pacemaker check-ups. Also that GOD would continue to Bless him to lose the weight, control his sugars, and be strengthened for service.!

Update: We recently received test results for John from the VA. He is doing well. Praise ye The LORD!!!.

Please pray for the youth of America and western-influenced lands. They are in need of wholesome pastimes and influences.


Prayer for Jae, June, Chunnie, Yunnie, and Minnie. That they are able to address spiritual issues in their lives and that Jesus Christ as truth would be their guide and strength. That any searching would be rewarded with the Truth

 Please pray for GOD’s churches and missions everywhere–that they could become beacons of light and teaching in a world that does not want to hear of salvation and repentance. I pray for covering and protection for their bodies, souls, and spirits.


Our Friends Worldwide

New Prayer Requests

Prayers Supplied to Our Community from the Grace Prayer Community




May GOD Bless each and every one of these His people as we pray and intercede on their behalf.  Rev. Charlene  

 Please feel free to place your prayer requests with us.


Scriptures of Forgiveness:

PSALM 78:38-39 NASB
But He, being compassionate, forgave (their) iniquity and did not destroy (them); And often He restrained His anger and did not arouse all His wrath. 39Thus He remembered that they were but flesh, A wind that passes and does not return.

As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.

He complained to the LORD about it: “This is exactly what I thought you’d do, Lord, when I was there in my won country and you first told me to come here. That is why I ran away to Tarshish! For I knew you were a gracious God, merciful, slow to get angry and full of kindness; I knew how easily you could cancel your plans for destroying these people.”

MICAH 7:18-19 NASB
Who is a God like You, who pardons iniquity And passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession? He does not retain His anger forever, Because He delights in unchanging love. 19He will again have compassion on us; He will tread our iniquities under foot. Yes, You will cast all their sins Into the depths of the sea.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Scriptures of restoration:

And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.

“Then I will give her her vineyards from there, and the valley of Achor as a door of hope. And she will sing there as in the days of her youth, as in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.”

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.

“The accumulated sorrows of your exile will dissipate. I, your God, will get rid of them for you. You’ve carried those burdens long enough. 19At the same time, I’ll get rid of all those who’ve made your life miserable. I’ll heal the maimed; I’ll bring home the homeless. In the very countries where they were hated they will be venerated.”

I will strengthen the house of Judah and deliver the house of Joseph. I will restore them because I have compassion on them, and they will be as though I had never rejected them. For I am the Lord their God, and I will answer them.

1 PETER 5:10 CEV
But God shows undeserved kindness to everyone. That’s why he appointed Christ Jesus to choose you to share in his eternal glory. You will suffer for a while, but God will make you complete, steady, strong, and firm.

One more thing Edna, don’t be double minded. Once you grab on to and believe what God Word says, the enemy will say something that contradicts what God has spoken. Make sure you hold on to everything the LORD has spoken to you.

There was a song long ago sung by Bryan Duncan it went like this:

In my mind I’m like a kid in the corner, Where I argue with the devil ’til I’ve had my fill.
When I start to believe all the lies that you’re tellin’ me, Sayin’ I’ll never make it, I say, “YES I WILL”

Just like a bad tune stuck in your head forever, Over and over like the run of the mill.
And with every chance that I have to do somethin’ good, here we go: “no you won’t”, “YES I WILL”


With the war of words begun, And the battle for the mind is on. And, no you won’t, YES I WILL
With the war of words begun, The battle rages on and on…

Game over, you find no one to help, he says. With bound determination you say, YES I WILL
You, you better pray cause you know what he’s gonna say, Just keep repeatin’, you say

Wear it out, say it clear, keep it up, And if there is any doubt, a little louder, you say YES I WILL
He says you’re nothing special, you got nothin’ to offer, YES I AM, YES I DO, AND YES SIR, YES I WILL

Edna, yes you are forgiven and yes you are a child of the Living God. Jesus paid a high price for you.









3 thoughts on “Prayer Requests: Local and Worldwide

  1. I want to thank all of you who are trusting Women Under His Wings with your prayer requests. GOD loves you and so do we. Please let us know when your prayers have been answered. Until then, we continue to pray.

  2. Thank You once again for your prayers both for those you know locally and for those in need of God’s Love worldwide. Charlene

  3. Even though no one writes, I pray that others are reading and praying for GOD’s people. Thank You from Women Under His Wings.

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