Rev. Charlene’s Gospel Favorites

I grew up in the Southern Gospel tradition. Here are songs that I sang as a child in church. These songs are still among my favorites and I love the renditions of these talented singers..Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Ce Ce Winans

credit: skankiniteasy+ladybret+oneloveatatime+syluce4nippy+voice8788

Charlene’s Source: youtube

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3 thoughts on “Rev. Charlene’s Gospel Favorites

  1. To Dear Pastor,
    Grace and peace be multiplied unto you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Praise God. I know that this email may be of a surprise to you and I will highly appreciate to have your positive response. I am very sorry if my message will be a kind of embarrassment to you since I do not know you in person or have met you before; I got your contact when I came across your web-page which I believe was not by mare chance or by accident. The Web-page blessed my soul and challenged me. I believe as a pastor God has entrusted to your care the most precious thing in the entire universe HIS OWN BODY, the church He does not intend you to stop where you are. He has called you, chosen you and singled you out to do a job for him that no one else can do. There has never been another like you since time began. You are unique and different from every other minister God has commissioned.
    Pastor & founder of Hope of Salvation Ministries we are in serious pursuit of local & Global revival the heart beats of God is for all people to come to know Him, and it is a privilege to be involved in facilitating this great call to share the message of the gospel. The vast fields of this world are ripe for harvest our Ministry is actively involved in taking the gospel to those who don’t yet know Jesus, both at home and in the Nations of the World this Ministry is dedicated to fulfill the Great Commission by organizing crusades and church conferences here in Eldoret City, Kenya. We network with others to help them establish Christ-centered servants of God where people can experience God’s love and truth.
    In the process of going through your web-pages I felt the urge of the Holy Ghost in my heart to request you if we can network together for the sake of God’s Kingdom. . God led me to contact you as I prayerfully read what you do via the internet. if you can be our Guest Speaker in our 4th Annual Conference entitled: ARISE AND SHINE AFRICA from 30thJan-5th- Feb- 2013. Thank you brethren for the great work you do for the expansion of the Kingdom of God
    Hope of Salvation Ministries exists to empower the people’s lives by imparting Biblical, Kingdom and Dominion principles. To help the people realize their divine destiny to greater blessings and higher purpose as kings and queens in Christ’s kingdom. There is always a multiplication of our effectiveness when we join hands together. I believe we are called into the Ministry with the mandate to cause a mass exodus of men and women from the afflictions of their taskmasters unto a land flowing with milk and honey Hoping to hear from you Shalom!!!!
    Pastor Mathews O. Ongere.
    Hope of Salvation Fellowship Ministries,
    P.O.Box 4928-30100
    Eldoret, Kenya.
    Tel: +254-7116256

    • Dear Pastor Ongere,

      Thank you for your gracious invitation to speak at your “Arise and Shine Africa” Conference in Eldoret, Kenya.for Winter 2013. My heart and my spirit fully understand the importance and the intent of your work through Hope of Salvation Ministries. I believe in The Word, infallible and Spirit-inspired. I am always surprised when someone views this website because few comment, therefore there is never a way to know how many are reading and listening and being touched by this ministry.

      I am a simple servant of GOD who lives daily to do His will. I have never traveled beyond the borders of the USA so I do not possess a Visa at this time nor do I have the financial means to get to Kenya. My heart is willing, my circumstances are in prayer.

      I would be willing to stay in touch with you, for with more preparation time I could work with you in the future.

      May GOD continue to use you mightily to bring salvation to His hurting people. They need a Savior who will walk and talk with them through this life.

      GOD’s Blessings on you, your family, your staff, and your congregation.

      Pastor Charlene W. Kirst

  2. bob-matt wanted me to have you put some pryears out-please pray for matts friends that have been injured or killed in the last week in afganistan: Killed in action-Cpl Joshua Ashley (Military Working Dog Handler) Say A Prayer For The Ashley Family & II MEF K9wounded in action: Cpl Joey Singer (mililtary working dog handler) say a prayer for the singer family & II MEF K9-his mom has been flown to Germany-Joey is in very very critical condition-not sure if he will make it Suicide:name with held- the young man just got back from afghansitan. shot himself and left a wife and new baby. had been deployed several times.bob is having a very hard time-please put in a little prayer for him-thanks bob
    love ya brother

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