A Prayer of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is an attitude of gratitude that should be shared with all of GOD’s people. This praise should be year round, not just on the Thanksgiving holiday.


1 Chronicles 16: 8-12



Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name

Make known His deeds among the peoples!

Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him;

Talk of all His wondrous works!

Glory in His Holy name;

Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord!

Seek the Lord and His strength;

Seek his face evermore!

Remember His marvelous works which he has done,

His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth.


Abba Father,


 We have so much to thank you for. You have kept us through another year in which wonderful, as well as disastrous things, have happened. We are confident in you that we, as your people, will see more glorious days than these. It is only in drawing close to you through your Son Jesus Christ, and through your Holy Spirit that we are assured peace and comfort in the midst of life’s storms.



We are a people less sure of being able to trust this world than we were a year ago; but this also means that we are learning to trust you more with our lives and our hearts. Your Holy Spirit intercedes for us, and strengthens us.


As followers of Christ, we are eager to embrace those who do not know You. We are willing to carry out The Great Commission; to take your message of hope and salvation to hurting people all over this world. Please teach us to pray for one another in truth and sincerity; and to be willing to put aside our own needs to serve your people.



This season of Thanksgiving should be in our spirits at all times. We have something to thank you for each day. Taking time to look back upon the gracious mercies, healing, and provision you have given brings us joy unspeakable; and the knowledge that you are walking with each of us through our trials and hardships makes life easier to bear.



We thank You, Abba Father, for your readiness to hear and to forgive; for your great love to us in spite of our unworthiness; for the many blessings we enjoy above what we deserve, hope, or ask. You have been so good to us in our ingratitude, thoughtlessness, and forgetfulness of You. For your pity, long-suffering, gentleness and tenderness, we bow our heads in humble thankfulness of heart. We worship you Who are infinite love; infinite compassion, and infinite power.  Please accept our praise and gratitude through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


We your people look forward to a new world where the fullness of your peace will be revealed. Keep us watchful for that day when people of every race, language, and way of life will gather to share in the one eternal banquet with Jesus Christ our Lord. Father, through Him, with Him, and in Him, through the unity of the Holy Spirit, may all glory and honor be Yours, now and forevermore. Amen


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2 thoughts on “A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. I think the point of religion is to live a full, happy, life; Life in all of its fullness. To do this, according to Jesus, you have to love God (ie. love peace, compassion, justice, hospitality, generosity, humility, inclusiveness, etc.), and treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself. If you live life this way, you’ll naturally be good, grateful, and happy (blessed). To worship, is to give worth or value someone or something. At some moments in our lives we have to decide to what or whom, we give highest value; in this case God ( all manifestations of good) or wealth (all manifestations of selfishness).Maybe the point of this passage is for us to look at our own lives and ask what they say about our priorities. To what or whom do we ascribe highest value in our lives.

  2. Hello Janna. So wonderful to hear from you. I agree with your assessment of this passage. Sadly, most people do not place value in a relationship with The LORD, they are too busy pursuing wealth on the earth to consider the wealth of Heaven. As you know, it is our job to engage, teach, and nurture others so that they may become a fruitful part of the body of Christ. This endows them that life in its fullness.

    I view religion as centering on someone or something to place in the highest position in our lives. Some people religiously worship objects such as statues and rocks. Christianity definitively is the embracing of Christ and His teaching and Christians occupy a unique position and authority in Him. To worship the Holy Trinity is a privilege and shows reverence of GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit.
    GOD Bless you. Love, Charlene

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