Autumn Embraced by Charlene Kirst

Gazing at the leaves beginning to turn
The russets and golds; the crimsons that burn
With a fire that can’t be put out
Let’s embrace the autumn with a cheer and a shout.



Great trees like lollipops sway in the breeze
As I gaze at their colors they give my heart ease
They’re symbolic of change in the air and my heart
Let’s embrace the autumn; let’s embrace a new start.



Watching the fat squirrels gathering loot
Searching my closet for snug and warm boots
Curling up close to the warmth with a book
Let’s embrace the autumn while safe in our nook, and…



As winter approaches on autumn’s hued heels
To snuggle with loved ones is just what I feel
Would do us all good if we could only  try
To embrace the autumn as it passes by.


 Photo Credit: environment.nationalgeographic.com



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When The World Stopped Turning: A 9-11 Tribute

This song asked if you remember where you were at the time the nation was attacked. I was on my way to work and found out when I got there. It was an unbelievable feeling of violation. My brother was in the Senate chambers at the time and he told me of the horror everyone felt. We move on with the thought that we become “wise as foxes (but)as gentle as doves”.

Credit: megara2009

Momma’s Source: youtube

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