November 11th, 2012 In Honor of Veterans Day

In Honor of  Veterans Day


It is so easy to overlook and forget yet another government holiday. If you are not a veteran, Veterans Day may come and go with the only reminder being no mail delivery. Veterans are a special people, and there are many activities to honor their sacrifice at home and abroad.  Cemeteries and memorials abound with the remains of those who have ensured your and my way of life for many centuries. Not only do veterans deserve our thanks and respect–they also deserve more recognition from us. Some are still actively engaging in warfare all over the world on repeated tours of duty.



I cannot imagine how it must feel to have hopes and dreams with no guarantees of ever achieving them.Those who are Blessed to return to home and family must treasure this miraculous gift.  For those who have no home or family to embrace–our special prayers go out to them today.



A sincere Thank You to all of our Veterans everywhere. May you stay safe under the shadow of His wings.



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