"I Do Not Know You"

We need to slow down and give GOD His quality time in our lives. Here is an archived message from RBC that gives an example of losing our soul.
August 19, 1995
On A Tight Schedule
What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost? –Luke 9:25

Everyone who knew him agreed he smelled like success. He had made his mark in his field and was known in the community for his impressive gifts. He accomplished so much because of time management.

He had his priorities: “God, family, and business”–not necessarily in that order, but they all had their place. His family recognized his schedule and dutifully fit into it.

He had time for God too. Once a day he read a brief devotional–“God’s 60 seconds,” he called it. On Sunday, God got a whole hour.

A secretary protected his time. No one saw him without an appointment. No one, until . . . “I’m sorry; he can’t be disturbed. He’s in conference.”

Although she didn’t know it, she was right. He was in conference. God didn’t have an appointment, but He had crashed in anyway. What’s more, He had set the agenda for the meeting.

“Loving husband . . . good provider . . . Christian benefactor” were some of the phrases spoken at the funeral.

But God said, “Fool!”

We can make the most of our time, yet ignore eternity. We can let the passing dominate the permanent. And we can do it all on a very tight schedule.  — Haddon W. Robinson

You’ve time to build houses and in them to dwell,
And time to do business–to buy and to sell,
But none for repentance or deep earnest prayer;
To seek your salvation you’ve no time to spare. –Anon.

Without a right view of eternity, we cannot know the real value of time.

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