Some Wisdom from Tommy Tenney's "Finding Favor with The King".


Book of Esther

I listened to a sermon on CGNKorea (Christian Global Network) based upon the book “Finding Favor With The King’ by Tommy Tenney. This book, which is written about Queen Esther, reveals ways in which we can approach the King and rest in the surety that we are leaving the battle in the King’s (Jesus’)hands. Tommy Tenney was preaching from his own book and there were many profound things said that I want to share with you. I hope for a strong degree of accuracy in the paraphrasing. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Once you become a believer, it does not mean that you discontinue to practice what made you become a believer”(what brought you to your knees) (insert mine).

“To ask the right question at the wrong time does no good”.

“Learn to worship with the enemy at your table”.

“Worship the King while obstacles are in your way” You cannot overindulge the King in Worship”.

‘I will not allow my enemy to dictate my destiny”.

“The presence of the enemy does not mean that God is not there”.

“Refuse to let the pressure of problems cause separation from GOD”.

Depression and other problems–“I’m going to take you to worship with me”  (and there you shall be defeated) (insert mine)

“Satan will try to defeat you by making you fight the right battle on the wrong battlefield”. (A lesson in futility).

“If your enemy becomes the King’s enemy, the battle then becomes the LORD’s”.

“Cleanse your heart; cleanse your life”. (Prepare your life as a banquet table for Christ).Your worship is an incredible feast for GOD.

“I love you, Jesus” is a banquet table”.

“My worship controls my destiny”.

I pray that what I have shared here has helped you. I believe that Evangelist Tenney would hope for the same.   Rev. Charlene