Psalm 83 A Psalm of Asaph

Psalm 83 A Psalm of Asaph Expounded


Psalm 83 is a heart-felt plea to GOD for deliverance. The people of the Old testament viewed GOD as existing in the tabernacle and only extending to the borders of their land. This is why Jonah felt that he could flee from GOD and resist His instructions to go to Nineveh.


Many tribes were coming against their brother tribes in an age-old quest for supremacy over the wealth of the land. We see this attitude acted out many times with one example in Genesis. When Abram consulted with Lot as to which parcel of land he would choose to take–Lot responded by asking for the richest parcel.


Mankind has greed as a central trait.  This does not come from the Father, but from the deceiver. It is not necessary to have the best of everything to be an effective worker in Christ. Why?  We have all of needs met in Him. If you are concerned about provision in any area, trusting that GOD will see to you will bring the food to your table, the clothes to your back, and the money into your purse.


Jesus stated in Matthew 6:25-34 GNB, “This is why I tell you do not be worried about the food and drink you need in order to stay alive, or about clothes for your body. After all, isn’t life worth more than food? And isn’t the body worth more than clothes? Look at the birds; they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father in heaven takes care of them! Aren’t you worth more than birds? Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it? and why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow; they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all of his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers. It is GOD who clothes the wild grass–grass that is here today and gone tomorrow, burned up in the oven. Won’t he be all the more sure to clothe you? What little faith you have.


So do not start worrying: Where will  my food come from? or my drink? or my clothes?(These are the things that pagans are always concerned about)


Your Father in Heaven knows that you need all these things. Instead, be concerned about everything else with the Kingdom of GOD and what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things. So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.”


Isn’t GOD our Jehovah Jireh? He extends to the heavens and to the whole earth. he sees all that we need and he provides according to his riches in glory. GOD is not limited by the things of this world. He cannot be limited by His own creation.


Psalm 83 is a plea for help in a time when mankind did not have the Savior as we do. GOD saw to their needs and sent them a deliverer. He has done the same for you.


GOD’s Blessings, Charlene


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New International Version (NIV)

Psalm 83

Psalm 83[a]

    A song. A Psalm of Asaph.

 1 O God, do not remain silent;
   do not turn a deaf ear,
   do not stand aloof, O God.
2 See how your enemies growl,
   how your foes rear their heads.
3 With cunning they conspire against your people;
   they plot against those you cherish.
4 “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,
   so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

 5 With one mind they plot together;
   they form an alliance against you—
6 the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites,
   of Moab and the Hagrites,
7 Byblos, Ammon and Amalek,
   Philistia, with the people of Tyre.
8 Even Assyria has joined them
   to reinforce Lot’s descendants.[b]

 9 Do to them as you did to Midian,
   as you did to Sisera and Jabin at the river Kishon,
10 who perished at Endor
   and became like dung on the ground.
11 Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb,
   all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,
12 who said, “Let us take possession
   of the pasturelands of God.”

 13 Make them like tumbleweed, my God,
   like chaff before the wind.
14 As fire consumes the forest
   or a flame sets the mountains ablaze,
15 so pursue them with your tempest
   and terrify them with your storm.
16 Cover their faces with shame, LORD,
   so that they will seek your name.

 17 May they ever be ashamed and dismayed;
   may they perish in disgrace.
18 Let them know that you, whose name is the LORD—
   that you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

  1. Psalm 83:1 In Hebrew texts 83:1-18 is numbered 83:2-19.
  2. Psalm 83:8 The Hebrew has Selah (a word of uncertain meaning) here.

Scripture Taken from the New International Version; Bible Gateway:

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