Spirit of Truth


The Dangers of Compromise

John 16:13  NIV 

 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

What is being led by God’s Spirit?  It is a state of awareness in which we are constantly approaching The Throne of Grace with questions and trusting  God for answers. Jesus came to earth to sacrifice His life so that we could have a direct line to Heaven to help and strengthen us. In a modern world that is becoming more unstable every day we have more reason than ever to approach God’s Spirit for comfort and guidance.

Recently, I was watching Fox News when the story about Campus Crusade For Christ was aired.  We have to ask as a Christian community, “Is this name change a sell-out or is it a true means to win others to Christ?  How many decades have gone by with the name Campus Crusade For Christ representing an organization whose focus is on winning young souls for Christ. Whether on campus or around the world–the name has represented the spirit of those who were a part of it, laborers in God’s Vineyard.

How sad it is to see Christians back down from a full out effort to proclaim Christ as LORD of this world. The world is plunging headlong into apostasy and change of every imaginable kind. This is not the time of compromise, especially to a name such as “Cru’. This name has no relationship in the mind of the masses to the wonderful work that Campus Crusade For Christ has done. To remove Christ from the name will set a precedent that cannot be reversed.

Today’s Christians are usually either fanatical or complacent. True Christians are neither one of these. True Christians keep a steady pace with a goal in mind. They do not waver to the right nor to the left, their faith is strong and their guide is The Word of GOD.  John 1:1. What has been in the past still has validity. We cannot compromise our faith.

Does this mean that we do not seek ways to bring other converts into the Kingdom? No, this is still Jesus’ goal through the Great Commission.  It is by consistency and sticking to what is truth that others are led to Christ. It is standing and having done all to still stand.  Cru?  What does that mean to you?


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